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Californian Halloween that you cannot afford to miss!

I was sent on a project to Simi Valley, California. This being my first visit to the foreign land. I wanted to see and take back as much as I could. Upon the suggestions of my colleagues. I used to visit various places.  Halloween weekend was arriving and I approached my manager to check with him on some cool places to visit near Simi Valley. There were a few more colleagues there who were listening to this conversation. My manager suggested me to visit the Hollywood Boulevard on the eve of Halloween. He said that I would definitely love and see something different there. During the afternoon, I found the place pretty normal. The place being the gay capital of the world I did see some unusual sights that one doesn't see back home. As the sun was setting, I could see people with disfigured faces, bodies covered with blood, blood thirty beasts approaching. Seldom one gets to witness such a parade of monsters.  The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is the biggest Halloween party in the w…