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Mon voyage à la ville française -Pondicherrry

Prologue It was around the start of December. Almost everyone I know was planning for the New Year Bash. I had no plan but I wanted to do something different rather than attending house parties. While all this was happening. I stumbled upon this TEDx video where a solo traveler – ‘Tomislav Perko’ shared his experiences about traveling and how it changed him and his perspective towards life.This video acted as a catalyst in bringing my dormant desire of traveling to life. I started googling and reading blogs about various travel destinations.Finally, I chose Pondicherry as the destination due to my inclination towards the French – Their culture, music, food amused me. All this was enough to choose the French Colony as my travel goal.The JourneyAfter a lot of research. I came to know that there was no flight to Pondicherry from New Delhi. One has to fly down to Chennai and then take a Taxi or a Bus to Pondy.In my excitement about the trip. I made few mistakes and that’s how one learns. J…