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Solo Travelled Sri Lanka from top to bottom for 15 days under 500$ (INR 35000)

Isn't it true that everyone wants to travel? Yes, but money plays an important role in making this decision. Therefore, I'll am sharing my journey how you can travel cheaper, longer and safer in Sri Lanka :) How to travel Sri Lanka under 500$? Trust me! You can travel even cheaper. I focused primarily on three things. (a) Accommodation: If you chose the right accommodation. You would save a good money which can be used tor food or transport. So, I used websites like, and for places to spend the night. Keeping the expense as low as 10$ at most of the places. However, there were a few places where I had to pay 15$ but not beyond that. Also, I searched for homes that provide free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and free laundry. (b) Food: Make sure that your accommodation provides a free breakfast. Then, you would have to just focus on lunch and dinner. I chose inexpensive restaurants but decent ones. Being an Indian I thought that I would be …

A Backwater Symphony from Alleppey to Kochi

Extend your trip to the famous backwaters of Kerala. There is a lot to see here, from the Houseboats in Alleppey to the Chinese fishing nets of the Cochin.... Top Attractions of Alleppey and Kochi (a) Spend a day on a House Boat in Alleppy Experience Alleppey - a prominent township in the backwaters. A houseboat cruise in Kerala is a uniquely different experience that must not be missed. The boat cruises along the narrow canals where one experiences the richness of a village life. You will see people commute in canoes. Everyone here uses a canoe be it children, women or men. (b) Alappuzha (Alleppey) BeachVisit the beach during the early hours of the day, it's less crowded then. The beach is clean and perfect for a swim. The only concern is that the changing room and the shower opens a bit late. But on a whole, this is a great spot. (c) Kochi (Cochin) BackwatersTake a boat ride on the backwaters of Kochi. The Chinese fishing nets found at Kochi are unique to the area and make for a v…

Misty Green Thekkady

Your trip to Kerala would be incomplete if you did not visit this beautiful town - Thekkady. The place offers various attractions and activities in which one can involve.
Top attractions of Thekkady
(a) Anayirankal Dam Reservoir

This dam is located on the way to Thekkady from Munnar. It is the less explored location. So, most of the people miss it during their visit. A mesmerising place with a 360-degree view of the natural beauty. The calm waters & cool breeze takes you to another world. (b) Kalaripayattu Martial Arts

Kalaripayattu is considered as the oldest form of martial arts. Different kinds of stunts like fire-fights, sword fighting and bars fighting, etc are performed during the show. This show is a must watch if you are visiting Kerala for the first time. The ticket is for Rs.250. (c) Kathakali Be an audience of the Kathakali performance. The show is a mix of music, paint, literature dance and acting. The show tells a tale through vivid facial movements and hand gestures.  …