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Solo Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 16 Jaffna - Colombo - New Delhi

In the morning I left around 9 AM from the guest house to the Railway Station. Subraj came early to do his regular chores with that he wanted to drop me to the Railway Station. It was a long tiring journey. And, there was no one in the train compartment in which I was travelling, therefore it turned monotonous too. It took good 8 hours or more to reach Colombo from Jaffna. After reaching Colombo. I boarded the bus No.187 for the airport. I reached airport around 10 PM which was too early. My flight was scheduled for 4 AM, I had good 6-7 hours in hand. I wanted to sleep but there was no place to sit. So, I laid on the floor and slept till I was woken up by airlines officials. And finally, I reached New Delhi at noon :)

Day 15 Expenses - 1620LRK (11$)
(a) Train Jaffna to Colombo - 750LRK
(b) Snacks - 250 LRK
(c) Bus to Airport - 120LRK
(d) Dinner - 500LRK

Hope you guys enjoyed my journey. I have made a video of my travel. If it interests you please like, comment and subscribe to my channel. …

Solo Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 15 Jaffna

Next morning, Subraj came with a plan. He wanted to take me to few places. I was dead asleep and woke up when he started banging my room's door. He told me that he would be taking me to a beach and a U-shaped sacred pool. I got ready and we headed for the day trip. We headed for the beach first, it took good an hour or so to reach the spot. During our ride, I saw Sri Lankan military keeping guard. One could sense the place still recovering from the civil war. Finally, we reached the KSSorKankesanthurai Beach. It was the most beautiful beach so far. The water was so clear that I could see the stones at the surface. Another good thing about the place was that there were no people. I was overwhelmed. I swam at this clean salty water until I was exhausted. Even my knee pain was reduced due to the upthrust of the water. After a while, few school kids came and we started playing Volleyball with them. I couldn't understand their language but I knew what they were saying. We had spen…

Solo Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 14 (Anuradhapura - Jaffna)

I left the hostel around 9 AM. There was bus stand nearby, boarded a bus to the Railway Station. Sat at the station waiting for the train for a while. Thankfully, it was an AC train. But there were hardly any people on the train. It seemed not many people were inclined to see this part of the country. Yet, it did not kill my zeal. While I was on the train I booked a room at the R&B Guest House, they were providing accommodation at a moderate price and also it was pretty close to the Railway Station. After a 3-hour journey reached Jaffna around noon. I was picked from the Railway Station by Subraj, the caretaker of the guest house. On our way to the guest house, he told me all the places I can visit. Also, showed a great place to eat.

When he got to know about my injury. He offered me to take around Jaffna, as other mediums of transport were not as good as in other parts of Sri Lanka.
In the afternoon, first, we went to the Mantri Mania or Residence of the Ministers. I am sure thi…

Solo Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 13 (Anuradhapura)

My injury had made me weak and to some extent killed my enthusiasm. I woke up a bit late. I was running short of cash. So, I walked around few ATMs and finally found the right one. It was the Commerical Bank ATM that read international cards. Anuradhapura was different from all cities/towns I visited in Sri Lanka. Everything was pretty scattered here. So, I took a tuk-tuk and asked the driver to take me around the city. First, I went to see the Sri Maha Bodhi tree. One has to remove their shoes/slippers before the entry. After which you have to walk into the temple from any of the four gates. The Sri Maha Bodhi is said to the oldest and longest-surviving tree in the world. It was planted in 288 BC. It grew from a branch taken from the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India where Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment and became known as Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. One gets to see a huge number of devotees coming to the place with offerings. Several of them tend to spend hours sittin…

Solo Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 12 (Galle - Anuradhapura)

I left for Galle Railway Station after having an awesome breakfast. My knee continued to hurt. I was thankful to this doctor in the hostel who gave me few painkillers. It helped me for a while. I planned to travel the north before I leave. So, I purchased a ticket for Anuradhapura. It was a long tiring journey. To add more to this torment, the train took multiple stops. Though the journey was tiring, it was not monotonous as I got the company of Joshua and Michael; they were from Canada. The train was crowded and we did not get seats. Thus, we stood by the door, talking all kind of stuff. They got off at Colombo and I got a window seat. I reached Anuradhapura at 7 PM. It got dark so I took a tuk-tuk to the hostel. I stayed at this place called 'Lion Rest'. An average place, with minimal amenities but it served the purpose. I went to a local restaurant, had noodles, returned and went off to bed. Day 12 Expenses - 2490LRK (17$)
(a) Accommodation Lion Rest - 1500LRK
(b) Train to An…

Solo Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 11 (Mirissa - Galle)

Next morning, I got up a bit late. I was unable to bend my knee, the pain had worsened. The owner of the resort gave me some kind of ointment but it didn't provide any relief. I made my mind and thought of continuing my journey. I had breakfast which the owner's wife had cooked, it was some authentic Sri Lankan food; it was exquisite. I boarded a bus from Mirissa to Galle around 11 AM and reached Galle in an hour. It was getting really hard for me to travel. I met this English couple on the bus who gave me some painkillers by looking at my state. I wish I had clicked their picture but I was not in the right state. It took me good one hour to walk 1.5 Kilometres to reach my hostel from the bus station. It was painful and the day felt really hot. This became the most memorable day of my trip for me. I stayed at the 'Pilgrims Hostel'. Thankfully, it was not far from the Galle Fort, Lighthouse and the beach. I was exhausted from walking in this state and wanted to rest. M…