Solo Trip to Sri Lanka - Day 16 Jaffna - Colombo - New Delhi

In the morning I left around 9 AM from the guest house to the Railway Station. Subraj came early to do his regular chores with that he wanted to drop me to the Railway Station.
It was a long tiring journey. And, there was no one in the train compartment in which I was travelling, therefore it turned monotonous too. It took good 8 hours or more to reach Colombo from Jaffna.
After reaching Colombo. I boarded the bus No.187 for the airport. I reached airport around 10 PM which was too early. My flight was scheduled for 4 AM, I had good 6-7 hours in hand. I wanted to sleep but there was no place to sit. So, I laid on the floor and slept till I was woken up by airlines officials.
And finally, I reached New Delhi at noon :)

Day 15 Expenses - 1620LRK (11$)
(a) Train Jaffna to Colombo - 750LRK
(b) Snacks - 250 LRK
(c) Bus to Airport - 120LRK
(d) Dinner - 500LRK

Hope you guys enjoyed my journey. I have made a video of my travel. If it interests you please like, comment and subscribe to my channel. Would really appreciate it!


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